(For One Ms. Clare S.)

Despite the fact that an awesome red Cuisinart ice-cream maker (with extra freezer bowl) is only $49.99 at Costco, I still don’t own it. Partially because I am afraid of what will transpire if I am actually allowed to own an ice cream maker.* And cuz I’m super broke.

Chicago is crazy hot, crazy muggy. I wanted ice cream, but the store was closed, and it was late, and also, still broke. And while a pint of Ciao Bella is divine, it is not exactly good for you. Faced with the option of buying a Blackberry-Cabernet sorbet or the pistachio gelato, it’s not much of a contest.

So, inspired by Mark Bittman’s New York Times column from a few years back, I rummaged around in the pantry and found that I had the following:

A can of Trader Joe’s light coconut milk                                                

White sugar

Maldon sea salt

A lime

And this is what I did with them:

Shake and open the coconut milk

Put it in a bowl with a pouring lip

Add the zest and juice of one lime

Add a pinch of sea salt

Whisk in 1/2-3/4 sugar (Taste this. Frozen things need to be sweeter, since the cold has a blunting effect.)

Whisk. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight.  Run a little cold water over the outside to unmold.

And that’s it. Easy. Costs about a dollar to make. Not horrifically bad for you, especially if you replace the white sugar with something virtuous, like agave.  No need for the ice cream maker….just yet.

*Here’s a hint: massive.


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  1. and wouldn’t ya know it, i have a half a case (6 cans) of coconut milk that i have been trying to figure out what to do with!