jonesing for joan

If, like me, you are biting your nails in fevered anticipation for the season four premiere of Mad Men (July 25th, people. Mark your calendars.) then every little snippet and scrap of AMC promotional material is welcomed as if it were sent down from Mount Sinai.* I am more anxious and eager for this than for Christmas, for fuck’s sake.**

Luckily StyList has provided a little sneak peek into the 1964 costume closet, and the wonderful wonderful mind of Janie Bryant. Cannot wait to see how mod style gets incorporated into the wardrobes of some of the more staid characters, in particular. Link here.

Continuing the barrage of general awesomeness, Our Ms. Hendricks is featured on the cover of the LA Times Magazine–

–wherein she talks about Joan, scifi fandoms, and the accordion.

A friend insisted I ask you about your three-episode role in the late sci-fi show Firefly. Are sci-fi fans more obsessive?
I think sci-fi fans are so committed. They’re so immersed in this universe. Over the years, it seems Firefly has only gained momentum rather than lost it. I still get letters from people who watched the show—I get more Firefly than Mad Men letters.

You can read the full interview here.

*I’m sure that’s blasphemous, but since I don’t believe in God, I have to fill the gap with something. Radical humanism and the religion of science don’t seem to cut it. Period costume is just how I choose to avoid staring into the gaping abyss. Although 13th century Russian Orthodox icons are pretty nice, too.

**Certainly more so than any birthday, ever. But then, when I turned thirty Mike gave me a pair of socks from the CVS . Husband fail for serious.


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