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May I take a moment on how thrilled I am that Jason Segel has steady work? He and Alyson Hannigan are quite wee on HIMYM, even if one wishes that the aforementioned show would be so kind as to deliver on its premise already. There is only so much spinning out of needless secondary plotlines before the viewer starts to think…so…the eponymous mother…is where, precisely? Not that I mind much, since Ted is probably the least interesting character. *

GQ has an adorable interview with JS (whose hair seems to be corralled, for the moment, at least), which you can read here.

For some reason, the fact that he’s a dedicated smoker makes me peversely happy. It’s a horrendous habit, I grant you that, but if cancer and all the rest were off the table, don’t tell me that at least sixty percent of us would not  jump back on that addiction wagon like it was the last Conestoga hightailing it away from the Sierra Nevada Mountains circa 1846.**

Plus it gives me an excuse to post this video. Honestly, charming enough to make a girl forget that this is marginally creepy–

He’s slated to take on the new Muppets franchise, and here’s hoping that works out. The world definitely needs more Muppets:

Who’s your favorite Muppet?

It’s between Kermit and Fozzie. I cannot get over Fozzie’s bad jokes and the confidence that he delivers them with. Fozzie Bear has so many bear puns in this script—like, “Trac is grizzly!” “This is unbearable!” It’s the greatest. But when you get to one of those really earnest Kermit speeches? That is fucking awesome. [perfect Kermit voice] “Guys, this is about friendship, not about money! If we’re not together, then, heck, I don’t want to be here at all.” Kermit was the original Everyman to me. The original Tom Hanks, the original Jimmy Stewart.

Also, how weirdly prescient is this exchange from The Muppet Movie? If there is not a Bollywood sequence in this new film, I can only pray that it is forthcoming.

Fozzie: Hey, why don’t you join us?

Gonzo: Where are you going?

Fozzie: We’re following our dream!

Gonzo: Really? I have a dream, too!

Fozzie: Oh?

Gonzo: But you’ll think it’s stupid.

Fozzie: No we won’t, tell us, tell us!

Gonzo: Well, I want to go to Bombay, India and become a movie star.

Fozzie: You don’t go to Bombay to become a movie star! You go where we’re going: Hollywood.

Gonzo: Sure, if you want to do it the *easy* way.

Fozzie: [to Kermit] We’ve picked up a weirdo…

I’ll close with this clip, prompted by the Glee finale, which is made of win.

*I’m not blaming Josh Radnor. He is certainly determined. But he’s better as a foil. The protagonist, not so much. Although the unabashed turn toward pretentiousness suits him well, insofar as it makes for good funny.

*Clumsy Donner Party reference. Could be better.


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