periodic table of swearing

How badly do I want this? Seems a shame that they are all sold out. I can think of no better way to inform potential houseguests that this is a house where we swear. A. Lot.

Large version viewable here. Sadly, they only printed a few hundred. And madly expensive, too. But the rest of the stuff on sale from Modern Toss is equally great, including an iPhone app that doles out insults.

I just set this as my desktop background. Now when Chase calls to hassle me (for the 10th time today– they started calling at 7:15 in the fucking morning) about being behind on my car payment, I will have some creative cussing to string together.

“Ms Pappas, your loan is two months overdue.”

“Fucking ballache!”

“Would you like to pay over the phone?”

“Sod the fucking lot of you!”

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