kitteh, continued

Oh, they just keep coming. As previously mentioned, I am still not entirely convinced that kitteh resemblances do not segment, almost entirely, down gender lines.*

Pretty much remain unconvinced that– sniping, blazin’, and birth years aside– my household demographic skews toward the greyhairs. As in, reminiscing about nickel cokes at the drugstore, bemoaning the lack of manners exhibited in the flourishing vitriol of the under-75-crowd (like kudzu in a cleared field!), and a fondness for public broadcasting that can only be described as, well, old.

Case in point: how many under-40s do you know who get legitimately excited about Antiques Roadshow? I practically quiver with joy when Mystery/Masterpiece (Theatre[er?]) comes on, though wish it was still on Sunday nights**, and actually thought it was quite racy when Alan Cumming took over hosting duties. ***

Um, right. So, this was meant to be about Honeysuckle Weeks, who played the lovely and charming Sam on Foyle’s War, a stellar, stunning, meticulously-researched piece of drama about the police force in Hastings, first line of defense of the British home front, during World War Two.

I know we all shit ourselves over Mad Men, and rightly so, but, Christ, the detail in this damn series is just as attentive, and perhaps even more of a challenge in some respects. By all means watch it, if you like mysteries, or dramas, or police procedurals, or historical programming, or just very very thoughtful character studies. Honeysuckle is the perfect foil to Foyle, played by Michael Kitchen. His laconic slow-burn style is matched in every respect by Weeks’ bubbly forthright can-do and weirdly posh accent.

And she says things like “tickety-boo.” Plus, you know, kitteh and all that–


*A universal truth about the sexes that we can finally admit?

**If there is anything better than watching Mystery on a cold November night with a pot of English Breakfast, some of those Petit Ecolier dark chocolate-cookie-biscuity-six-square-inches-of-pure-fuckingbliss, sitting on the couch  under a comforter with a purring cat on your lap…well, I have yet to discover it.

**Trying to stay on topic, so I will put the stellar opening credits, animated by Edward Gorey, here–

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