frozen realness

So. It’s hot. Been established that I have yet to fork over the fifty bucks for the ice cream maker.* Love making frozen treats of the popsicle/paleta type.  Drink a lot of iced coffee, Vietnamese for preference. Last trip to Target I bought them out of condensed milk and instant espresso (don’t knock it, bitches).

I am missing one of the inserts for my popsicle mold-the orange one  seems to have gone missing. Seeing as how for the last three weeks I have been finding these in various locales–like the evil witch trying to entice Hansel and Gretel with a trail of crumbs, or a line of clothing dropped on the floor [shoe, shoe…sock, belt…sock…button down]…indicating that someone is home–I have been finding these throughout the house (bedside table, in between the sofa cushions, at least once on the mattress).

I’ve also been freezing things randomly in the hopes that a wonderful new popsicle will present itself to me as the byproduct of laziness and ingenuity. While that may be the case occasionally, Orangina does not a good popsicle make. It doesn’t taste like much of anything, just watery and icy. All the lovely bite and fizz gets turned into gritty crystalline holes that scrape your tongue. They were so lousy, truth be told, that I actually rethawed them to drink as legitimate Orangina (Oh, shut up. That shit is expensive.)

Ahem. But, to the matter at hand. Vietnamese iced coffee popsicles– great idea, or GREATEST IDEA?

These are mine. They aren’t much to look at, but they taste divine.

1 1/2 cups strong brewed coffee (I use instant espresso and cold water. Really, as long as it has some kick to it, you can use any method of prep that suits.)

3-6 Tbsps. condensed milk (depending on how sweet you want these)

Mix. Pour into popsicle mold. Freeze 4+ hours. Don’t eat in the evening unless you used decaf or really want to be up all night.

These absolutely breathtaking striated ones are from here. No experience with whether or not they taste better, but they are beautiful.

*But when I do, I am so making my own Pinkberry-type fro-yo. Gah. Nom.

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One response to “frozen realness

  1. Yum! Will totally try these… And probably stay up all night as a result. (Who can resist popsicles in the evening?)