rousing pep talks

So our local NPR affiliate got rid of Talk of the Nation, presumably because it was too expensive to carry. I’m not complaining, as it was kind of a needless program, and I’m never typically all that enthused about the opinions of the unwashed masses, even if they are public radio listeners.

But I love love love this particular show: great pep talks!

It’s the make-or-break movie moment: Backstage, before the starlet’s big debut. In the locker room at halftime, when the underdogs are down. Headed into battle, outnumbered 10 to one.

Just as the music swells, a brave soul steps forward and delivers the game-changing pep talk. Talk of the Nation movie buff Murray Horwitz has a whole list of pivotal pep talks on film.

They definitely skipped this one, from Stripes, which is bloody spectacular —

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