So, Katie “Jordan” Price, besides being the exact color of Mixtecan pottery, is also a published author and horse enthusiast.

She is also promoting her book while wearing a swimsuit with the cover of her book Bedazzled on to it. That is dedication.*

However — and this may be the fact that it’s a heat index of a hundred and there is NO POINT in putting on makeup when it’s just going to slide right off your face in a minute and a half making you look like Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile — except for those hairyspiderleglashes (Coming soon from Cover Girl!) , her eye makeup is sort of spectacular.

*Bet Susan Orlean doesn’t have to do this.


2 responses to “ummmmmmmmmmm

  1. What is spectacular is that in Britain you can be famous for wandering around with your boobs out AND people will still buy a book that some poor sod of a grad student ghost wrote for you.

  2. jess, did you ghost write katie price’s book? also: britain? page 3 girls? WTF??