intermittent picture spam

Hi there, internet. I have been a bit AWOL. It’s nothing personal, you giant, shrieking, collective externalized id, you.

I could tell you about the Ponderousness of Writing Things, which is brain-numbingly boring. It is boring even to me, and I am living it.

I could tell you how hilarious and wonderful Belle de Jour’s book is, about five hundred times more so than the Billie Piper show they made out of it– which seemed to have a cripplingly limited casting budget, as they only gave the protagonist ONE FRIEND who also slipped into LOVE INTEREST territory, and that got so tedious, so fast. I could mention that if you like snark and smut and utterly stellar writing, you should definitely read this book. I would love to see her and Dan Savage get all shouty together.

I could mention that I’m spectacularly behind on my TV watching, that the house is a mess. That there were tacos this weekend, and swimming, and I signed up for a comedy writing class at the Second City and feel a bit like being sick.

I could mention that all my virtually mediated identities are starting to confuse the fuck outta me, and I don’t know who’s who or what’s what right now at all.


I am not so tedious and narcissistic to think that this interests anyone, so I will dedicate the remainder of this post to pictures of things that fill me with utter fucking joy.

ETA: Dope-ass zombie romance novel cover courtesy of one Chris Collision, whose Clear the Crease is a very fun read about hockey. He’s supposedly currently starting up a project with an old college friend, or would be, if selfsame friend would ever manage to get her shit together. TL; DR x2


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