pictures in place of words. (deal with it.)

What’s that, you say? No recipes? No rants about hideous footwear, oodles of which were on display this past week?* No brilliant observations about your interactions with AT&T customer service?**

Nope, sorry.

*Quick, what’s worse than tourists shuffling, sloth-like, down Michigan Avenue in the summer when all you need to do is run to Macy’s real quick and then get some Wow Bao on your way home? TOURISTS DURING FUCKING LOLAPALOOOOOOOOOZAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

**Apparently if you rant about shit customer service on Twitter, even without hashtags, you will eventually be found. This feels like the creepy insidiousness of the security state, on the one hand. On the other hand, the person tweeting at you may be a human, as opposed to the droning speaking Simple Text FUCK that you get over the phone? (“It sounded like you said, ‘repair.’ Please say ‘yes’ if this is correct.”)

Log of actual Twitter interaction:

@erin_pappas worst thing of all? AT&T customer service. worser: calling said customer service on behalf of neighbor. *STABS EVERYTHING*


@erin_pappas customer service “you’re calling from an 859 number for repair to a 773 number?” me: “it’s the 21st century, bitch. I HAVE A CELL PHONE.”

@ATTJohnathon: Can I help? I’m with AT&T and would like to help. Please follow and send a direct message with a contact number.

@erin_pappas @ATTJohnathon think it is dealt with, but thank you!!

@erin_pappas however, that was maybe just a wee bit weird. wonder if i rant about target being anti-gay they will send me a gift card


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